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We are your number one source in the industry for all Utes, Vans, and Trucks.

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Leasing and Finance Experts on all Commercial Vehicles.

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Trade vehicles - Fully fitted out, ready for business.


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Benefits and Features

  • No Capital outlay
  • Preserving access to working capital
  • Fixed Interest Rate for term of loan
  • Depreciation & Tax deductible when Asset is used for Business
  • Tailoring repayments to match cash flow
  • Instalments automatically debited from nominated Business Account
  • Sale & Leaseback can be arranged to free up Capital
  • No-Doc Assessment, no Financial Statements or Tax Returns
  • Off Balance Sheet, as cash not tied up in tool of trade vehicle
  • Eliminate administration costs associated with buying and disposing of Company vehicles

  • No Doc-Assessment

    For No doc-assessment some deposit may be required, maximum lend of $100,000 per transaction, excludes some operating leases, subject to finance approval criteria.